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Multitasking, easy travel and no more tired arms!

Our "Ergonomic Baby Carrier Deluxe" is one of the most practical pieces of gear you can have! Apart from strengthening the bond between you and your baby, It allows for multitasking, easy travel, and significantly reduces the time your baby is crying.

No hands needed to hold your snuggle-loving' baby

Using our "Ergonomic baby carrier deluxe" is foremost the smartest way to keep your baby comfortable, protected, and close to your chest. But the best thing about it is that it lets you move, shop, eat, prepare food, work and so much more without having to use any hands to hold your loving baby.

Convenient in many ways

Linnie & Larry's baby carrier has some additional little features that are worth mentioning.

The baby carrier has a convenient large zippered pocket on the front and two side pockets for storing little things such as a phone, credit card, keys or baby diapers. It comes in a few different, truly stylish and adorable colors and the carrier itself is adjustable in several ways to both the wearer and baby.


Strollers can't go everywhere

You're traveling with your little one and somehow you end up in a crowded place or a tight spot, naturally, you don't want to end up there with a clumpy, stroller. This is where the "Ergonomic baby carrier deluxe" is there to give you the speed and your baby the comfort he or she needs.

Strangers don't recognize your baby's personal space

Our babies can’t protect themselves. He or she relies completely on you to make sure he or she isn’t put in uncertain and potentially harmful positions, and that includes being kissed or pinched in the cheeks by strangers.

By carrying your baby close to you it's so much easier to keep those well-meaning germ carriers - uh, people - away from your baby's precious face than "accidentally" pushing someone with a stroller.

Benefits of the "Ergonomic Baby Carrier Deluxe"

  • A front pocket which is perfect for keys, pacifiers, diapers, and so on
  • Easy to put on, take off, and adjust, even when carrying the baby
  • A nice ergonomic design that fits quite nicely
  • Designed to protect your baby's spine and prevent O-legs
  • It's comfortable, high quality and comes in different colors
  • Hands-free, while your little one relaxes against you
  • Multiple ways for carrying with its ergonomic design
  • A removable wind-proof back panel
  • Adaptable to suit your baby from 0 up to 48 months old



Waist circumference: 71-110cm
Weight: 0.78kg
Max. load: 20kg
Material: Polyester
Age recommendation: 0-48 Months

Baby carrier blue

Frequently asked questions

I am new to using a baby carrier, is it difficult to put on? Good news! A buckle carrier like our "Ergonomic Baby Carrier Deluxe" is the way to go for new mums or dads! In comparison with other baby carriers, this one is hassle-free and easy to put on. Buckle up and you're ready to go.

Am I able to breastfeed while wearing the carrier? Absolutely, the carrier can be adapted for breastfeeding at any given time.

How long can I use the baby carrier at a time? Our "Ergonomic baby carrier deluxe" has a waist strap and two padded shoulder straps, all of which are adjustable to achieve a comfortable fit for long periods of time.

Do you deliver to every country? Yes, we deliver worldwide!

What if I don't like the product? No worries! If you are not satisfied with the product that you have purchased from us, you can get your money back no questions asked. You are eligible for a full reimbursement within 30 calendar days of your purchase.

At Linnie & Lary, we strive to make the chaotic life as a parent a little easier, so you'll be able to enjoy the sweetness and joy of your children even more. All our products are carefully selected to support you raising your little ones in the best, most joyful way.


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Becoming a parent is a wonderful gift. Nothing else can produce the joy that parenthood allows. It’s amazing how much pleasure the little ones bring into the world by just being theirselves. We can’t help but love their smiles, their giggles, and their pride in new accomplishments!

We make parenting even more joyful

At Linnie & Lary, we strive to make the chaotic life as a parent a little more easy, so you'll be able to enjoy the sweetness and joy of your children even more. All our products are carefully selected to support you raising your little ones in the best, most joyful way.

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