MagnetLock || Safety First Cabinet Lock

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Make sure that your little ones can no longer open Cupboards & Drawers!

With these child locks, which cannot be seen from the outside, you can easily ensure that your kids can no longer access cupboards. Ensure the safety of your little ones by using these invisible child locks!

Adults can open it in a jiffy!

The locks are easy to operate by using the included magnetic keys. Hold the magnet at the level of the lock against the box to open it. As soon as you close the door, it automatically falls into the lock.

Easy to install - No Screws or drilling required!

You will receive clear instructions on delivery. This allows you to attach the locks in minutes, without the need for drilling or screwing! Removing the locks is easy and without traces.


Pause the locks - switch them off

Are the kids out of the house? Or are you rearranging your cupboards? Easily switch them off with the ON/OFF switch at the bottom!

switch magnets off

Brilliantly Simple & Invisible

Because the locks are mounted on the inside, they cannot be seen from the outside. This keeps your kitchen that sleek look!

3 ways of installing the lock

From one of our Happy Customers:

"Just baby proofed my condo. These work great. Easy to install and use. Keeps my little one out of cabinets. They are worth the money because you don't even see them, so it doesn't ruin the aesthetic of the home but still provides safety." ~ Christian Q.

All Benefits at a Glance:

  • Keep the kids out of the cupboards and drawers
  • Easy to install - no screws needed!
  • Easy to remove - leaves no traces
  • Switch ON/OFF at any time depending on your needs
  • Fits all cabinets and drawers


✅ Order 6 locks and get 2 FREE locks (with 2 magnetic keys)

✅ Order 8 locks and get 4 FREE locks (with 3 magnetic keys)

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