MemChess || The Educative Game

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Improve Cognitive Thinking and Remindering Capacity with our MemChess || The Educative Game!

Fun and excellent toys for memory improvement and hand-eye coordination and observation, stimulating important skills, logical thinking and brain development.

Our memory matching toys are light in weight, compact in structure, durable in use, easy to clean and no sharp edges.


✔️ DEVELOPS HAND-EYE COORDINATION - While playing this very fun game your child will improve his fine motor skills

✔️ PERFECT FOR EVERY OCCASION - Great for a party or when your child is a little bored at home. Suitable for all ages.


✔️ SAFE FOR YOUR CHILD - Made of safe wood material and non-toxic paint


How to use:

1. Place all chess pieces on the chessboard
2. Roll the dice
3. Take a pawn from the board. If the pawn is the same color as on the dice, you can keep the pawn :)
4. The one with the most pawns wins!

"My grandkids (5 & 7 years old) love it! It is also fun for my wife and I to play." ~ Menia J.


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