Sleepy™ || Foldable Travel Bed

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With the creation of this portable baby travel bed and co-sleeper, Sleepy™ has reinvented the way babies sleep and play both indoors and outdoors!

Sleepy™ Foldable Travel Bed is the only soft, portable baby bed that conveniently folds into a backpack in a second for easy portability and storage while traveling, thus giving your baby a familiar place to sleep no matter where they are. 

✅Portable and convenient for all occasions
✅Keep your baby away from mosquitoes and strong sunlight
✅Easily expand the tent
✅Keep baby entertained

Safety first
Comfortable materials and space for baby. 100% cotton inner fabric and soft sponge.

Take it anywhere
Great for days out at the beach or park with the entire family.

The removable canopy provides your infant with a cozy and safe space to sleep, nap or play.

From baby bed to backpack
Transforms from a comfy space for your baby to a portable backpack in seconds!

Keep baby entertained
Includes an easy-to-install hanging toy bar and two plush toys, to provide your newborn with sensory stimulation on the go!

Ready for outdoor adventures
The bottom of the bassinet is waterproof, while the entire removable liner is machine-washable so you don't have to worry about spills, messes, or rough terrain.

Use it as a changing station!
This baby bed and portable cosleeper can also be conveniently used as a diaper changing mat.

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